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National Training Action “Space Data & Digital Transformation”

This action aims at structuring a competitive training offer to support European space and Digital economy in the ongoing and future challenges coming from the “New space” actors.

The training action proposed will focus on Space data valorization & digital transformation (including entrepreneurship), and will therefore contribute to the European “Copernicus user’s uptake action”.

The training action will contribute to the visibility of the Copernicus network at a European and international level through the development of a partnership with a Canadian university (Université Laval) with the opening of recurrent summer/winter schools beginning in fall 2019.

This action will participate to a wider program action, to be implemented through the PIA-3 (Programme d'Investissements d'Avenir) foreseen for the operational phase during or just after the present action.

This action could be connected to any contributors of FPCUP creating a catalogue of formation or the EO4GEO Project if this one is looking for Partners to join an exercise focusing on the field of the Earth Observation / Valorisation / Digital transformation.

This action will be coordinated by University Côte d’Azur (UCA), with the support of the French cluster SAFE/Booster Space for Earth (S4E), both of which are strongly involved in life-long training program offers.

This action aims at structuring a national to European training offer capable to prepare public and private actors to the “new space” challenges and to implement it on a web portal (Training Marketplace) and develop new and innovative training modules through the synergic expertise of the actors of both Copernicus Academies and Relays. The action will be performed through 3 main activities:

  1. Training offer structuration:

  2. Training web portal & Operations

  3. Development & Experimentation of new training modules/actions

The language will be English in order to demultiplicate the impact and the re-usability of the action. Most of the new training modules would be MOOCs or SPOCs.

Outputs and Results

The action will produce reports (state of the art & gap analysis of the training offer, web portal specification, governance & business models), a web portal (Marketplace) populated with the training offer, and experimentations of new training modules/actions.

Our plan consisting of a clusterization of different actors (University, SAFE, BOOSTER, Fun-Corporate…): we plan to bring together, and distinctly, some users interested in these training programs. These outputs could be accessible to this project.

Development of new training modules: we plan to produce two new modules per year (each being a 30hrs courses equivalent to 6 university ECTS).