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New Employee Wanted to Support DLR Coordination Team

The DLR coordination team is looking for a new staff member to strengthen the team.

Created by Valerie Wischott

Call for Internationalization of European SMEs in South Africa

Portugal Space together with the AIR Centre is opening the first out of four calls to promote the internationalization of European SMEs developing Copernicus-based products.

Created by Joan Alabart

Launch of the Copernicus Pre-incubation Programme

CNES has been organising the pre-incubation of young start-up companies planning to offer services using Copernicus data. Incubation support will be offered by Aerospace Valley and CNES.

Created by Frédéric Adragna

CNES and Aerospace Valley launch “SMEs Africa” to promote the use of Copernicus in Africa

This action will support European SMEs that offer services based on Copernicus data in their efforts of exporting their activities to several African countries.

Created by Frédéric Adragna

Approval of 7 New User Uptake Actions

The European Commission has approved 7 new user uptake activities in June 2021.

Created by Valerie Wischott

JNCC Wins Geography in Government Award

JNCC’s Copernicus User Uptake Action was a winner at the Geography in Government Awards 2021.

Created by Lynn Heeley

European Survey on the Uses of Copernicus – Publication of the Results Coming Soon!

A survey was conducted in order to learn about Copernicus users, usage and the obstacles to the use of Copernicus products.

Created by Frédéric Adragna

Publication of Decadal Climate Predictions 2021-2030

DWD's website for climate predictions was updated.

Created by Andreas Paxian

Newsletter on Climate Predictions and Climate Projections

The second edition (2021) of the newsletter on climate predictions and climate projections has been published in April 2021 by DWD.

Created by Andreas Paxian

Call for Expression of Interest for European Space SMEs Using Copernicus Data «SMEs-Africa»

Aerospace Valley (AV) Cluster and the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) support 15 European SMEs that develop solutions using Copernicus services and/or data.