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How it works

User uptake actions can be implemented as follows:

  1. The user uptake action proposals of the consortium partners are submitted to the EU in the annual work programme (WP)
  2. Work programme must be approved by the European Commission (EU)
  3. Specific Grant Agreements (SGA) containing approved actions of the WP are prepared and submitted to the EU
  4. SGA must be approved by the EU
  5. Start of the approved SGA including its actions

So far, three work programmes (WP18, WP19 and WP20) have already been approved. Work Programme 2021 has been submitted.

An action can be carried out by consortium partner(s) alone or together with external entities. The EU funds an SGA with max. 85%.

How to engage with FPCUP?

  • Engage a FPCUP-consortium member to co-define joint action(s) for the work programme
  • Respond to tenders by partners issued in the frame of FPCUP
  • Participate in events etc. organised in the frame of FPCUP actions