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National and regional EO conferences, events and Terrascope visits

Organize dedicated demonstrations/sessions at relevant conferences on Earth Observation and Geospatial information.

Examples of events with national reach:

  • Visit to Terrascope, Belgian Sentinel Collaboration Ground Segment, at VITO by Bachelor and Master students of Belgian universities

Examples of events with regional reach (Flanders region):

  • Annual Trefdag Informatie Vlaanderen
  • FlaGIS events – TBD
  • Contribution in a Flemish congress for science teachers (STEM) – 18/10/2019

At local level, an introductory meeting with the federation of cities and communes (VVSG) can be initiated.

Presentations about Copernicus, and its uptake in the academic sector, industry and in government.


External stakeholders: National Geographic Institute (NGI), federation of technological industry Agoria, Flemish regional administration, Belgian Science Policy, Walloon regional administration (SPW)

Outputs and Results

A Copernicus track for at least one conference per year. Continuous promotion of Copernicus at FlaGIS and trefdag Informatie Vlaanderen.