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Integrating Copernicus in EU Directives

Point of contact
Frédéric Adragna
Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales
18, avenue Edoaurd BELIN
31400 Toulouse
Phone: +33-6-07716915

The aim of this action is to integrate COPERNICUS data in the EU regulatory framework. Indeed, several European legislations are currently implemented and COPERNICUS data could easily provide a real added value in supporting the implementation of this legislation. Legislation like the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) that aims at protecting more effectively the marine environment across Europe, could be used as a test case.

The rationale behind this action is to align/use the substantial capabilities of Copernicus for the European legislation/directive. Within the framework of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, the COPERNICUS programme has a lot to offer in term of earth observation capabilities and to monitor the Good Environmental Status (GES) of the EU's marine waters. Eventually, the use of COPERNICUS data could be mandatory for the European states to implement the directive. As such this action should support the development of downstream applications and services in the field of the environment. Copernicus Relays will play a key role here by bringing together the research institutes as well as companies able to develop and implement these kinds of downstream applications and services. The users of the service will be the organisms responsible of operationally implementing the Directive in each member state.

The identification of key players will be coordinated by CNES in connection with the Copernicus Academy and relays that are at the heart of their own region / perimeter.

CNES with Academy and Relays will set up working groups gathering research institutes, universities and companies to engage discussion about area within the MSFD where Copernicus based application can be integrated.

Outputs and Results

Outputs from this action will be the delivery of integrated services or applications directly fulfilling the MSFD goals. This could be a standalone service/application or integrated into a more complete set of services.