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Fostering Copernicus Applications in Support of Public Policies at National and Regional Level Taking into Account European Policies

Point of contact
Magali Domergue
Ministere de la Transition ecologique
92055 La Defense CEDEX
Phone: +33-140812829

Figure 1: Division into three phases

This action is motivated by the need to consolidate and boost the Copernicus public user uptake in France with a perspective of further crossborder collaborations. Awareness of the interest of the Copernicus program for public policies has developed among French public actors thanks to the national user fora which have been organized for several years by MTE, but it still remains heterogeneous within the different administrations and the different categories of public users. It is time to intensify this awareness and to go further by building, with the bearers of public policies, an enabling environment for developing Copernicus applications responding to the needs of a wider circle of public users.

The objective of this action is threefold. First, it will aim at building an active dialogue with a wide range of public institutions, in charge of public policies at national and regional level often also in the framework of European strategies, regarding their needs and increase awareness on Copernicus program. Then, it will promote Copernicus solutions by matching their proprietary needs with the Copernicus capabilities, as they can be developed by some fabric of companies developing around clusters, specifically involved on spatial, digital and some sectoral applications. Finally, it will foster development of a set of selected downstream services and applications tailored to public needs and facilitate public user uptake.

According to the priority needs that will emerge, contact would be taken with Copernicus Entrusted Entities for the identification and the development of Copernicus based solutions.

This 2-year action will be divided in 3 phases (see Figure 1):

Phase 1 – Gather Copernicus relevant public users’ needs

Phase 2 – Identify candidate solutions based on Copernicus

Phase 3 – Select & run pilot projects

Outputs and Results

  • Survey outcomes on public institution needs at national and regional level matching with Copernicus capabilities (data, Services, applications)
  • Online catalogue of Copernicus solutions, which could potentially meet the public needs
  • Networking event to promote and showcase Copernicus applications
  • Report on feedback received by start-up and SMEs from public entities during the pilot projects
  • Final report to decide on follow-on action, which could consist in extending this trial as a cross border initiative (gather needs from other European public entities and enrich online catalogue with cross border Copernicus application providers)