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Fostering Cooperation between Spain and Portugal in the Copernicus Land Domain

Point of contact
Bruno Perez
Centro Nacional de Información Geográfica
c/ General Ibáñez de Ibero 3
28003 Madrid
Phone: +34-91-597-95-26

The objective of the action is to promote dialogue and user uptake in the Copernicus Land domain between relevant agents and responsible national institutions in Spain and Portugal.

It aims to promote dialogue and to identify common interests and problematics shared by both countries and tackle them in a joint manner. It will be focused on:

  • Discussion on generating Analysis Ready Data of Sentinel imagery and a datacube for the Iberian Peninsula and islands for a more efficient data management and generation of services in the land domain.JN
  • Promote actions for better coordination and articulation between Copernicus and national Land Cover Land Use (LCLU) products in Portugal and Spain. This will include an exchange of experiences and best practices on the uptake of Copernicus land monitoring services and Sentinel images and its relation with national initiatives on land cover land use (LCLU) monitoring (e.g. national LCLU maps).
  • Copernicus in-situ data – promote actions for better coordination and harmonization between Copernicus In situ and National Reference Datasets (including INSPIRE services) in the Iberian Peninsula. Discussions in 2020 will be focused on hydrography and elevation datasets.

The action will be implemented through continuous work in collaboration between DGT and CNIG, including teleconferences, technical work and collaborative activities. In addition, 2 meetings will be held, one in Portugal and another one in Spain. The meetings will have an estimated duration of 3 days each, including:

  • High level meetings of staff of both DGT and CNIG for the discussion of technical work and common needs between both countries regarding uptake, management and dissemination of Sentinel images and Copernicus products of interest for both institutions and related stakeholders
  • Technical-level meetings and workshops to promote uptake of Sentinel and Copernicus products on national LCLU related programs and to assess coordination between Copernicus In situ data provision and National Reference Information and INSPIRE services

Outputs and Results

  • Study on the generation of Analysis Ready Data (ARD) and a datacube for the Iberian Peninsula; user requirements and technical specifications for the development of common products (ARD) and services in both countries
  • Portuguese and Spanish requirements for Copernicus land monitoring service. Report on the harmonization of Portuguese and Spanish LCLU national maps and on the articulation with Copernicus Land monitoring products
  • Study on the articulation between in situ Copernicus data and INSPIRE regarding elevation and hydrography
  • Report on stakeholders, both already existing and newly incorporated due to the activity
  • Two meetings and workshops; both meetings will be established both in a high and technical level