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Dissemination of Copernicus societal benefits in Spain

CDTI, as representative at H2020 Committees and as national technology and industrial R&D promoter, has the capacity to reach an enormous number of potential Copernicus data users for different industrial sectors, as for example:

  • ICT
  • Space
  • Food Security, Sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine, maritime and inland water research and bioeconomy.
  • Secure, clime and efficient energy.
  • Smart, green and integrated transport.
  • Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and row materials.
  • Secure societies – Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens.

This capacity makes CTDI the ideal organization in Spain for dissemination and awareness the benefits of Copernicus for society at national level.

Outputs and Results

By means of CDTI tools, several different actions will take place by CDTI to increase the Copernicus national uptake:

  • Presentations and surveys at 3 of the H2020 Info Days with particular relationship with Earth observation: H2020 Space, H2020 Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials and H2020 Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry, Marine, Maritime and Inland Water Research and the Bioeconomy, that will take place at CDTI.
  • Announcements at CDTI web page and social networks.
  • E-mail distribution to the key sectors involved, using CDTI contacts database (reaching more than 10000 recipients in Spain of key industrial sectors: transport, energy, agriculture, fishery, etc.).
  • Awareness of the Copernicus WS will be done by addressing the specific users involved.
  • Yearly article publication on Copernicus at CDTI web page.