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Copernicus promotion to public events

Point of contact
Eric Hallot
Institut Scientifique de Service Public
Chera 200
4000 LIEGE
Phone: +32-4-2298316

Promote the use of COPERNICUS to public and scientific events with adequate diffusion and promotion materials and valorise current research projects and prototypes using Sentinel and Contributing Missions data.

ISSeP participate to various fairs, symposia, public events at regional and national level. The activities of the Copernicus Relays and the EO research results of the ISSeP are presented.

The first objective of this action is to be able to take part to these various events with means of presentations and communications specific to the activities and objectives of the Copernicus Relays. It involves also the dissemination of products, videos and promotional means placed at our disposal by the support office of Copernicus.

The second objective is to be able to value and highlight the various prototypes, research projects, initiatives, operational services, etc. based on Copernicus data from ISSeP but also from other Walloon organisations active in this field. The identification of these realisations will result from the Regional EO Working Group, i.e. GTEO and GT-COWAL, meetings.

The implementation of this action is divided in three phases:

  1. Design creation of the modular stand in accordance with the graphic charters of the Copernicus programme, the European Commission and the ISSeP.
  2. Selection of the different events will be carried out according to the themes and the communication strategy of the ISSeP and the Geodata and Remote Sensing unit;
  3. The two first phases will allow to propose to the different partners selected the diffusion of the results (posters, videos, speeches, wide range publications, etc.).

Outputs and Results

  • Participations in at least 3 events per years (e.g. Switch to Space, Mandataries Fair, BEGEO, AM/FM, SpaceDays, Belgian Geography Days, Belspo days, Smart Cities Wallonia etc.);
  • Modular exhibition stand and equipment (banners, beach flags, multimedia stations, brochure holder and accessories);
  • Flagged small promotional materials and goodies (flyers, pencils, USB sticks, etc.).