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Copernicus Promotion to Public and Scientific Events

The aim of this Action is to raise awareness and to promote the use of COPERNICUS with adequate diffusion and promotion materials and to valorize current research projects and prototypes using Sentinel and Contributing Missions data.

CUT takes part in an array of public events and scientific symposia which aim to promote the benefits of EO for the region of the Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus and spread information regarding Copernicus Services to public authorities, municipalities, professional groups, students and young re-searchers. In this respect, CUT through the ‘REMOTE SENSING & GEO-ENVIRONMENT LAB / DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING & GEOMATICS' (Eratosthenes Research Group), aims to design and deliver information & awareness events in Cyprus that aim to make public the benefits of the use of Copernicus Services and the opportunities that arise for the business and research sectors. The information and awareness events will include presentations and communication of specific activities (success stories/user stories) from the use of Copernicus and will do so through the dissemination of promotional and communication material.

The objective is to highlight the various initiatives and research projects, operational services, etc., which are based on Copernicus data and stress the value of their use and the opportunities offered from Copernicus towards public services through two events that will take place. These events will have thematic presentations, including of uptake actions, success stories and discussions among the participants.

  1. The promotion of Copernicus Services will be highlighted during the Researcher’s Night 2019. A National and European Event which aims to introduce Science and Technology to various audiences through thematic presentations and activities. The "Researcher's Night" is an initiative of the European Union that aims at familiarizing the public with the world of research and the researchers. Each year, the last Friday in September, events for "Researchers' Night" are organized throughout Europe. The aim of the event is to promote interest in science and research, through experiments, games, competitions and music. The CUT will have a booth at the event that will deliver a specialized presentation to a younger audience, comprised by students from public and private schools and young researchers.
  2. An ‘Information user workshop’ will also be organized for the public, industry, society and academia in Cyprus. Guests will be selected due to their expertise in the field of Earth observation from different sectors of the Government, Industry, Universities and Research Institutions in Cyprus. For these special guests, lunch, coffee breaks and promotional material will be provided. The proposed Information User Workshop tentative title is ‘Cyprus Public Awareness for using Copernicus Satellite Data: Training to the Government-Academia-Industry-Society: Examples’

Outputs and Results

  • 1 promotional exhibition event during the Researcher’s Night 2019 for students/young researchers to promote awareness regarding Earth Observation and Copernicus Services among elementary and secondary school students.
  • 1 information user workshop in order to demonstrate to the local stakeholder local case studies and the usefulness of using Copernicus data in different sectors (agriculture, forest, marine, etc.)
  • Modular exhibition stands and equipment (banners, photo banner, exhibition desk and accessories)
  • Promotional materials (flyers, pencils, USB sticks, etc.)
  • News, articles, brochures, interviews to the media about Copernicus during the Researcher’s night and the user workshop