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Copernicus Disruptive Innovation Testbed

Overview of Copernicus EO-AI Disruptive Innovation Structure

There is a big global opportunity to investigate how Copernicus Earth Observation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be brought together in order to take advantage of recent advancements in Petabyte sized Open EO Sentinel Data, High Altitude Platforms (HAPs), Multi-sensor Drone platforms, Geospatial databases, and cheaper high performance Cloud Computing in order to create a stimulating industry focused around EO/GEO data-technologies from which Disruptive Innovation can be developed and commercialised.

The objective of this action is to harness AI, coupled with high performance computing resources, in order to process massive volumes of EO data in a highly automated and rapid fashion, producing a slew of radical scalable EO-information services at a fraction of the cost and requiring minimal human intervention.

This action will follow an adapted disruptive innovation model which begins with critical assessment of the present Copernicus product/services and then explore how these could be radically transformed by removing existing barriers such as technology complexity, market monopolies, end-user accessibility and lack of awareness. The output will be a series of disruptive Copernicus prototype demonstrators, chosen to reflect key users that will benefit from the proposed viable yet innovative, disruptive EO solutions. Collaborators will be drawn from Public Sector and Industry, locally and throughout the EU. This will be achieved through a series of objectives:

  • Constructing a prototype Disruptive Copernicus Technologies platform, utilising EO data, AI, and High Performance Cloud Computing (HPC)
  • Drafting of up to 4 X EO disruptive demonstrator projects with collaborators & end-user groups from IE and EU
  • Critical testing & assessment of each prototype (technical, commercial, operational, regulatory, risk)
  • Roadmap with rollout plan for participating Industry/Agencies

Outputs and Results

  • Collaborative Disruptive Innovation computing platform for future Copernicus products/Services
  • Demonstrators in 4 X key application areas (Land, Marine, Infrastructure & Emergency Management)
  • Critical Assessment of commercial/technology/operational viability
  • Formation and strengthening of ties with industry and Public Agencies in IE and across EU