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Copernicus Business & Data Events

The Copernicus take-off needs events and dissemination activities to get a new audience and the access to new end-users that are the market pullers of the sector. The objective of this action is to organize Business & Data Events to promote the use of Copernicus data and tools in front of end-users acting in fields to be in coherency with the Copernicus Services and beyond. Such fields are identified below. The form of events is described below.

This action consists of organizing 6 Copernicus Business & Data Events in 1 year.

The value chains addressed are:

  • Copernicus for Agriculture
  • Copernicus for Energy
  • Copernicus for Smart cities
  • Copernicus for Transportation
  • Copernicus for Blue Growth
  • Copernicus for Developing economies

These events will be based in the south-west of France (Bordeaux, Toulouse, and Montpellier) and will bring together stakeholders from each value chain identified above and space data specialists. Furthermore, CNES is preparing a team to move to B612 at the Aerospace Valley's innovation centre. This centre will offer a co-working space that will allow the hosting of start-ups and other SMEs whose activities or markets are both related to digital and space.

Awareness presentations, trainings, networking, showcases will be organized during each event, likely to be a 1-day event organized in 2 parts:

  1. awareness of the benefits and opportunities arising from Copernicus data and tools to be delivered in the morning
  2. training on the tools and showcases using Copernicus data and/or tools to be delivered in the afternoon in workshop sessions

CNES is already experienced in organizing such kind of events and has demonstrated having the relevant network to attract numerous participants and highly skilled keynote speakers to such events. Last event of the kind was done 3rd July 2018 was focusing on “space data uses to meet inland water challenges” which gathered >70 persons from both value chains (i.e. space and inland waters). Follow up workshops are under preparation.

CNES is aware about the importance of targeted group satisfaction. As a consequence, it will provide on event website with an online survey to collect feedback from event attendees. Apps on smartphone could also be configured and provided to attendees during the events to perform the survey.

The overall communication support and other physical/numerical material will be issued in English in order to be eventually reused afterwards again. The language used by attendees during the events is French.

Outputs and Results

  • 6 events organized in the form of thematic conferences gathering actors from identified value chain (non-space) and space experts

networking and training activities on the DIAS and RUS during the 1-day event