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Advanced training sessions

Point of contact
Eric Hallot
Institut Scientifique de Service Public
Chera 200
4000 LIEGE
Phone: +32-4-2298316

Organize an advanced training session on Copernicus Sentinel-1 SAR data in collaboration with the Spatial Centre of the University of Liège (CSL) and Fabspace 2.0. This session will be open to national and international EO researchers, PhD and master students.

FabSpace 2.0 is a European H2020 project that aims at developing an open-innovation network for geodata-driven innovation by leveraging space data in academia, public and private sectors. The project involves partners from six different European countries (France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Greece and Belgium). In each of these countries, a couple composed of an academic entity and an economic entity (most often an ESA BIC) has been identified. As an example, in Belgium the University of Liege (ULg) via the CSL works synergistically with the Walloon incubator for engineering sciences (WLS). The idea of FabSpace 2.0 is to set up an access infrastructure for space data, as well as software and data processing tools and associated technical and training support, all in the spirit of Open Access. CSL is a high level research centre devoted to applied research in space science. Its Space Environment and Remote Sensing group has acquired an international reputation in the field of SAR data processing.

  • In 2017, ISSeP, FabSpace 2.0 and the CSL jointly organized 4 half-days training sessions (basic-level) on Copernicus and Sentinel-1 and -2 data processing. This first initiative, that gathered Walloon private and public stakeholders as well as master students, has been successful with more than 40 people participating in the events. During the half-day on SAR data, a strong demand was expressed by the Walloon community for an advanced training. Given the international reputation of CSL in this domain, we propose to organize a 3-days training session on SAR imagery in 2018. It will be open not only to Walloon stakeholders, not only to the 6 FabSpace 2.0 countries, but to a larger international scientific community. The training will cover the SAR pre-processing, processing and applications that include flood detection, land cover mapping, interferometry... Depending on its success, further training sessions (new session, other theme(s) or data, other level(s)) will be planned.

Logistics will be supported by the ISSeP and FabSpace 2.0. Material and training will be provided by ISSeP and CSL. The registration to the training session will be free of charge.

Outputs and Results

Advanced-level training session on SAR data