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Acceleration programme PL

Point of contact
Michał Krupiński
Michal Krupinski
Ul. Bartycka 18A
00-716 Warsaw
Phone: +48-224966205

Action is directed to Polish students and also to school pupils as potential users of Copernicus data and services in the future.

The action aims at raising awareness and knowledge of students and pupils on remote sensing, GIS and similar specializations on the Copernicus Programme and its data and products and at the same time at developing their skills enabling them to start their career in the EO sector

Lectures will be prepared based on Copernicus services. The content will be modified according to the main field of study and in case of pupils to the age of the listeners. Every lecture will be composed of theoretical and practical parts including: introduction to remote sensing, Copernicus program, Sentinel data, access to Copernicus services, examples of the use of data offered by Copernicus.

During lectures and by WEB CBK PAN will announce Knowledge Contest of Copernicus services. This competition will be dedicated for two age categories – pupils and students. Participants will develop a proposal of utilization of Copernicus services. The best elaborations will be rewarded by one-day course of satellite images and Copernicus data processing organized by Department of Earth Observation of CBK PAN.

Lectures will be given in CBK PAN office in Warsaw and also at universities in the whole country. Moreover presentation will be given during national scientific conferences and events. At the Polish conferences there will be contest for the best poster and presentation based on Copernicus data.

Outputs and Results

The output will be the lecture programme itself, training materials in the form of presentations. The students who will participate in one-day training will be also given the certificate. Result of this action will be increased awareness about Copernicus programme within pupils and students.


Dedicated lectures and presentations of Copernicus services – university level

10-12.2020: Warsaw - University of Warsaw, Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies

10-12.2020: Warsaw - Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography

10-12.2020: Warsaw - Military University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy

10-12.2020: Warsaw - Military University of Technology, Space and Satellite Engineering

03-06.2021: Torun – Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Faculty of Earth Sciences

03-06.2021: Olsztyn - University of Warmia and Mazury

03-06.2021: Lodz - University of Lodz

03-06.2021: Krakow - AGH University of Science and Technology

03-06.2021: Siedlce - University of Natural Sciences and Humanities


Dedicated lectures and presentations for pupils of elementary school and high school

2020-2021: Warsaw, Sieradz – primary and high schools


Knowledge Contest of Copernicus services for students and pupils of high school

2020-2021: Warsaw, Sieradz; awards: visit in CBK PAN one-day training in the field of image processing and use of Copernicus data (organized for 4 persons, in CBK PAN)


Other events

2020-2021: Sieradz Space Conference

2020-2021: Annual scientific picnic in Warsaw - lectures and information point

2020-2021: National Conference of Photointerpretation and Remote Sensing

2020-2021: GIS day organized by universities