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Agência Espacial Portuguesa - PT Space

Portugal Space is an agency to be primarily considered as an instrument of the Portuguese government, in close articulation with the Regional Government of the Azores, to implement the national strategy ‘Portugal Space 2030’, in order andto make Portugal a placefoster of space-related innovation for socio-economic development, based on scientific excellence and competitive industrial capabilities. It aims to promote an active engagement of Portuguese stakeholders in European space programs, to leverage national skills and address region needs. The agency is the national representative at the Copernicus User Forum and Copernicus Committee.

Point of contact

Copernicus User Uptake Activities

  • Promotion of Copernicus data usage and products uptake by national stakeholders;
  • Identification of national needs and organization of training courses for satellite data processing;
  • Organization of workshops for new applications development and business innovation in Portugal;
  • Copernicus SMEs and Atlantic stakeholders Interactions