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Workshop on Mobility, Safety and Security of Transports Networks and Civil Infrastructure Management

Point of contact
Andrea Taramelli
Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale
Via Vitaliano Brancati, 48
144 Roma
Phone: +39-6-50074635

The workshop aims to improve and facilitate the dialog between all the national end-users and enterprise community members. Such a dialogue is expected to lead toward the identification and design of downstream platform and services, built upon suitable and sound user requirements.

The planning and monitoring of aerial, maritime and terrestrial national infrastructures can be supported by downstream Copernicus based services. In particular, ground motion and PS based services offer the potential to understand the dynamic of a given area, contributing to prevent undesirable events, both tied to geological, hydrological and seismic hazard, during construction works and directly during operational phase. Also, application potential of downstream services could result of interest to medium-large municipalities tied to urban planning, traffic regulation (synergies with Galileo) and atmospheric emissions.

Outputs and Results

  • National ground motion based service implementation (best procedures), as well as the National PS journal
  • Inclusion of outcomes in the report “Mobility, Safety and Security Transports Networks and Civil Infrastructure Management Workshops”
  • If the result indicators will be satisfied, follow-up events will take place to start the discussion on pre-operational downstream services (possible future new FPA action namely tier 3), for institutional application, to be organised in collaboration with national commercial community and Infrastructure networks managers