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Wallonia-Luxembourg Copernicus Day

Point of contact
Eric Hallot
Institut Scientifique de Service Public
Chera 200
4000 LIEGE
Phone: +32-4-2298316

Action 2018-2-24 aimed at the joint organization of a cross-border working Day on Copernicus to strengthen the Copernicus programme use and the collaborations between the Walloon Region of Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The focus of the event was on “Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Earth Observation (EO) research and developments”. The RESEAU AI initiative ( and Digital Wallonia ( became partners of the event and helped in the organization along Walloon and Luxembourg Copernicus Relays.

The aim of the Wallonia-Luxembourg Copernicus Day, finally called AI4Copernicus Day, was to gather representatives from the public and private sectors, research centres and academia (researcher and students).

The agenda of the day aimed at the following objectives: (1) presenting the state of the art of AI in EO; (2) showing successful examples and applications of AI in EO covering multiple themes (land, water, agriculture, atmosphere, climate change, crisis management and security) ; (3) discussing via a round table the needs and challenges to implement AI in EO; and (4) introducing to the audience tools to support AI implementation and funding potential.

Feedbacks were all positives both in terms of results, contact, networking and at the level of the organization itself. New AI4Copernicus events are planned for 2020 (Belgium), 2021 (Luxembourg) and 2022 (The Netherlands).

Outputs and Results

  • Successful AI4Copernicus event, gathering more than 200 EO and AI experts, private and public entities and curious scientists
  • Quality speakers and strong panel made it possible to hold a very qualitative event (list available on website)
  • Strong collaboration between ISSeP, Skywin, Spacebel, LIST, RESEAU IA and Digital Wallonia, leading to new opportunities and the planning of new actions
  • Well-organized website
  • High quality venue, catering and fringe benefit
  • Promotional material (flyers, banners)