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Translation of a Master course using Copernicus data

Our master courses using Copernicus data and services will be translated to English, in order to facilitate the dissemination of these courses on the internet, during summer schools, Erasmus Mundus courses or exchanges within the Copernicus Academy network.

We will translate into English five university course materials at master level on Marine Sciences, using Copernicus products.

Master 1 :

  • Modélisation océanique 3D/3D Ocean Modelling (150 pages)
  • Instrumentation, mesures en mer et de la mer/ sea measurements (175 pages)

Master 2 :

  • Approches lagrangiennes/Lagrangian approaches (250 pages)
  • Optique Marine/ Marine Optics (200 pages)
  • Modélisation 3D intégrée Océan-Atmosphere-Biogéochimie en zone cotière urbanisée/ Ocean-Atmosphere-Biogeochemistry Integrated 3D Modelling in urbanised coastal area (150 pages)

Courses at Master 1 and Master 2 level deal with subjects such as ocean dynamics, ocean biogeochemistry and make use of Copernicus CMEMS products such as altimetry products, sea surface temperature products, salinity, Chlorophyll and other parameters from optical Copernicus satellites. Provided that the budget is agreed, the translation in English of these courses will take place in 2019 and will be made available to users in late2019 through web dissemination (among others).

The specifics of the actions to be subcontracted will be determined by CNRS. The specific actions are the Translations of five course materials from French to English entitled “Modélisaton océanique 3D”,  “Instrumentation, mesures en mer et de la mer”,  “Approches lagrangiennes”,  “Optique Marine”, “Modelisation 3D integree Ocean-Atmosphere-Biogeochimie en zone cotière urbaniéee”. These courses will be used at a summer school and other events. We will put them online and count the number of downloads and the location of users. Terms and conditions will be defined by CNRS by the mean of a contract. A clause that the copyright and all other intellectual property rights remain with the client (CNRS - European Union) will be inserted. Subcontractor will be tied to the instructions of the partner. Several quotes will be asked and the subcontractor will be chosen based on the most competitive offer and best value for money principle. This will be in accordance of the beneficiary principles.

Outputs and Results

This action will enable us to disseminate our course materials at the international level, especially in Europe, to increase our training outreach and develop international collaborations around Copernicus data and services.