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Training Modules Combining Sentinel up to Date Vineyards Data

Point of contact
Frédéric Adragna
Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales
18, avenue Edoaurd BELIN
31400 Toulouse
Phone: +33-6-07716915

VISe@-Sentinel aims to promote the uptake of Sentinel data in the sector of viticulture. Sentinel Data are of primary interest to monitor and to map the evolution of vine vigor. It provides objective data in order to manage accurately the vineyard: selective harvest, frost and hail damages.

However, very few winegrowers are currently using Sentinel data. This proposal aims at fostering the user uptake of Sentinel data in viticulture by offering training courses and real case study demonstrating the value of Copernicus data for the technical management of vineyards.

The proposed training modules will exploit Sentinel data (mainly S2, and marginally S1) by crossing them with other data available on exemplary vineyards located in New Aquitaine and Occitanie areas (France).

The main target groups are students in agronomy: agricultural engineering students as well as Masters or Bachelors in the field of Viticulture. The project will also benefit to students of Agricultural High Schools and will also be used for lifelong training, especially for vineyard managers and workers.

VISe@-Sentinel will use the Vise@-platform which offers two types of complementary tools:

  • An enriched Virtual Tour (VT) that offers thematic access to data (remote sensing, crop protection, grape selection, water management, etc.),
  • An operational DashBoard (DB) focused on a technical approach and offers online data access via decision interfaces for the vineyard manager.

VISe@ platform already exists but it relies only on data coming from connected sensors, machinery, and Decision Support Software. Thus, in order to include Sentinel data in the VISe@ platform, it is first necessary to build the tool for automatic integration of Sentinel data in the data structures of the DashBoard (DB) and of the Virtual Tour (VT), and then to propose learning use cases for these data.

Outputs and Results

  • Main outputs of VISe@-Sentinel are the teaching kits dedicated to the integration of the sentinel data in the technical decisions of the vineyard management. Targeted lessons are typically those in which learners are put in a situation of processing of Sentinel dataset combined with sensors data, Decision Support tools, traceability management tools, or other digital devices, the final objective being to simulate the decision-making during the management of a vineyard
  • The added value of VISe@-Sentinel lies in its ability to routinely integrate the use of Sentinel data associated with real case and up-to-date data and recommendations from the most powerful and recent digital tools (sensors, decision support tools, traceability) and implemented on the market
  • To promote this action across Europe, a presentation will be made during the European Conference in Precision Agriculture (ECPA), in July 2021). It will help to identify similar action across European countries and to find potential partners for futures shared actions. With these partners we will be able to carry out a cross experience feedback at the following ECPA conference. Then more extensive cooperation and exchange of resources can be envisaged on a European basis

The action will produce 3 teaching modules with the goal of training at least 60 students.