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Support Innovation Businesses and Start-ups

Point of contact
Dimitra Tsoutsou
PRAXI Network / Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas
8 Kolokotroni Str.
10561 Athens
Phone: +30-210-3607690

This action aims to help Greek innovation businesses and start-ups to create innovative business solutions from businesses that will be approached with national user uptake activities in the domains of Copernicus related services and data if possible.

PRAXI will provide business acceleration services to a selected number of 5 SME companies from Greece, seriously interested and competitive enough to create innovative business solutions based on Copernicus data & services. Companies will be selected after evaluation of their business and technological innovation, impact of the proposed solution, ability and implementation skills. Provision of this activity will be mostly in one-on-one level and tailored to the needs of the companies served. Each company will submit a 10-page business plan (application) after an open call.

The business plans will be evaluated by PRAXI and NOA. After the evaluation of the proposals the companies will receive a full coaching package of one month (distributed within the year), which will include:

  • Advanced technical training for the use of Copernicus based on their needs (by NOA)
  • Managerial capacity building (by PRAXI Network, including good practices demonstration)
  • Knowledge transfer between the research/academic communities and the company in case of needing it (facilitated by PRAXI Network)
  • Assessment of the innovation management capacity of the company (by PRAXI Network)
  • Consultation for the funding opportunities offered in national & EU level. PRAXI will provide support and assistance of the funding applications suitable to the company including information about the national opportunities and funding tools (national programmes such as ‘Research, Create, Innovate’, etc).
  • Preparation of the company to meet investors (business plan, lessons about the meeting, by PRAXI Network).
  • Facilitate R&D activities for the development of innovative commercial downstream applications through the connection with suitable partnerships
  • Technology transfer in case of need for suitable partners
  • Matching skills with user needs, preparation of matching profile
  • Advisory services in all stages of development
  • Business intelligence & information on the market opportunities
  • Lifting administrative & legal barriers by providing proper guidance and consultation
  • Support in IPR. Creation, protection, expansion phases are included
  • Guidance on expansion to new markets
  • Guidance on scale-up/start-up activities

Outputs and Results

  • It is expected that among the 5 companies that received acceleration services, 2 of them will introduce a solution to the market
  • Participation of 5 accelerated companies in the matchmaking event.