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Success stories Poland

Point of contact
Adam Krężel
Instytut Oceanografii, Uniwersytet Gdański
Marszalka Pilsudskiego 46
81-378 Gdynia
Phone: +48-58-5236888

This action aims at raising awareness and knowledge of private business from various sectors. The users will be chosen through a questionnaire.

As we know from various meetings the following sectors will be interested:

  • Insurance companies (risk assessment, calculation of the damage/lost),
  • Energy Sector (traceability of energy biomass source/assessment of the energy production potential in regions, alternative energy ),
  • Potential investors in the renewably energy sector (wind farms),
  • Spatial planning (updated information on land use and its changes),
  • Transportation company etc.

Approximately 5 complex solution-to-problem concepts will be delivered.

The users will be selected through an open call. The “Call for problems identification with potential application of satellite data for their solution” will be sent to initially identified (proposed above) users. The information in the form of technical concept note on Copernicus Services applicability will be demonstrated. The workshops with the detailed examples will be organized.

Various companies will be contacted through the different networks including the list of Polish Agencies of entrepreneurships. The selection procedure will be based on the assessment of the applicability of satellite data in enhancing companies’ work/procedures/documentation performance, accuracy and quality.

Institute of Geodesy and Cartography will further analyze in detail the identified problems and will develop detailed and comprehensive concept note, which would include the following elements:

  • detailed description of proposed products as well as data delivered by Copernicus Programme, which could be implemented by the users in order to enhance its performance and solve the indicated problem;
  • description of procedures (data processing, products merging etc.) aimed at solving the indicated problem;
  • estimation of costs required to perform the proposed solution
  • definition of benefits achieved as a result of implementation of the solution.

Outputs and Results

The outputs will be composed of: communication materials demonstrating the applicability of the Copernicus data and services for various sectors of economy, complex solution-to-problem concepts as well as Seminars’ presentations and Users assessment of the quality and utility of the delivered concept notes.

Six months after completion of the first edition of the activity, the meetings with the users will be organized, in order to collect their assessment on added values of performed activities.