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Sentinel Mosaics in Finland in National Reference Grid

Point of contact
Markus Törmä
Finnish Environment Institute - SYKE
Latokartanonkaari 11
00790 Helsinki
Phone: +358-29-295251713

The action is part of a spearhead project of the Finnish government’s initiative “Digitalisation of Public Services”. The ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is leading the project involving other ministries and public institutions to build a common Finnish Geospatial Platform ( for the public administrations and the general public. This platform will provide common specifications and services for geospatial data providers in public administration, harmonized and common datasets for all data users and shared user services. Its purpose is to harmonize and improve e-services in public administration, improve and enhance the transparency of data-based decision-making, create cost savings in public administration and make the core spatial datasets available on a platform, which the private sector can use as a basis for constructing its own service ecosystem.  The Geospatial Platform project consists of eight sub-programmes for which the National Land Survey is the responsible body. Action 2018-1-82 is extending one of these sub-programmes (“Distribution and Processing of Satellite Imagery”) and has the objective to build processes to produce routinely satellite images mosaics based on Sentinel images which will be distributed via web maps and download services, for public and private entities. The data is processed at the Finnish National Satellite Data Centre. The Centre is a part of the Copernicus collaborative ground segment and has acted as a national Copernicus DIAS already before the European offers were set up. The Sentinel image mosaic products will be tri-monthly Sentinel-1 SAR mosaics (produced by FMI), seasonal Sentinel-2 reflectance mosaics, monthly Sentinel-2 image index mosaics (SYKE), and daily Sentinel-3 SLSTR and OLCI image mosaics (FMI). Distribution for comes from the FMI National Satellite Data Center. Both partners for producing the satellite layers will very likely adopt the productions to their continuous public duties

The national project is financing the development of routine mosaic production and distribution with only a few demonstrations for agricultural subsidy monitoring. The FPCUP 2018-1-82 action will add substantially more user engagement activities to the mostly technical national activity. The Finnish spearhead project is trying to help all potential users, but is specifically targeting the authorities at 311 municipalities in Finland for concrete feedback. The geospatial platform will be promoted in many medias and special events (GIS Expo 5.-6.11.2018). The satellite imagery layers are a particularly eye catching element and will draw attention to Copernicus.

The national funding is used for the production of Sentinel image mosaics and their distribution using web map and download services. These are available free of charge, also for commercial purposes starting on 1.10.2018. This FPCUP action concentrates on raising more awareness and helping end-users concretely. This is achieved by

  • Adding more end-user engagement by surveying usefulness of produced Sentinel image mosaics,
  • Organizing a workshop for presenting survey results, end-user demo cases and discuss the end-user requirements and next development steps, and
  • Offering a helpdesk to support end-users and aid solving their problems using Sentinel-images or produced mosaics.

The activities correspond to the following activities of the Action Plan:

  1. National information and training activities;
  2. Building an active dialogue with actors regarding their needs

The proposed activities also help developing downstream applications and services by helping the developers use Sentinel satellite imagery more directly and user friendly as images. The initial survey raised the issue that the disseminated data formats and many needed processing steps are significant barriers to using Sentinel data.

Outputs and Results

  • User engagement in survey on mosaics and Copernicus service usefulness
  • Workshop for deeper dialogue presenting survey results and discussing the next development steps for mosaics and Copernicus services in general
  • Helpdesk for mosaic service