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Seminars for Greek Users

NOA will organize a series of 4 seminars. PRAXI will support NOA for contacting audience and organizing the execution of the seminars. They will also intermediate to the public authorities in order to increase the participation of them in these events. The seminars will be hosted at NOA’s premises, either at the National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government premises or in a venue such as the National Hellenic Research Foundation, private premises etc.  in Penteli with a capacity of 12 to 30 participants respectively. If the demand is greater than this number, the seminars will be also broadcasted live via the web in order to serve a much higher number of remote participants. The seminars will address specific potential users (from the public sector, companies and academia), covering their needs in the following thematic areas that have been identified initially as more suitable and relevant for region’s market:

  1. Emergency management, as defined in the respective Copernicus EMS service portfolio (Early Warning, Rapid Mapping, Risk & Recovery actions), focusing on diverse natural and manmade disasters (e.g. geo-hazards, wildfires, floods, industrial accidents, etc.).
  2. Food security, highlighting the use of EO for ensuring sustainable agricultural practices, monitoring GAEC, Greening and SMR requirements imposed by the CAP, technologies for precision agriculture, models of yield estimation, etc.
  3. Energy, displaying the fusion of EO data with different spatial, spectral and temporal resolutions (e.g. Sentinel-3, Sentinel-2, MODIS, etc.) to effectively now-cast and forecast solar energy levels.
  4. Security (boarder control), a hot topic for Greece and how the data and services from Copernicus could contribute in supporting the Greek authorities.

Stakeholders of the mentioned areas will be invited, among them public bodies with a mandate to act upon a crisis (civil protection agencies at local and national scale, fire brigade, etc.), end users (e.g. agricultural cooperatives) private companies (e.g. EO added-value providers) and research bodies.

The seminars will focus in demonstrating the EO data transformation along the entire value chain, from raw Sentinel data to final products and services that provide actionable knowledge, transparency, increase in efficiency and is some cases commercial value. The seminars will be also a tool to map the interest of the different actors participating in them. A feedback form will be distributed in the end of the seminar in order to help NOA and PRAXI to provide more targeted services to the participants. 

Outputs and Results

Four seminars in the thematic domains Emergency Management, Food Security, Energy and Security (border control).