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Portuguese Users Coordination and Training – Part I

Point of contact
Mx Carolina Sá
Portugal Space Agency - Portugal Space
+351 217231017
1649-018 Lisbon
Phone: +351 217231017

The main objective of this action is: (i) to promote the uses of Copernicus with a wide geographic distribution; (ii) to promote the organization/coordination of information on actual and potential Copernicus users, their skills and needs; and (iii) provide training for land monitoring service users, thereby fostering the uptake of Copernicus data and information within all relevant national users (public administration, academia, non-governmental organizations, private sector), by developing dissemination and training tools and activities. All activities will be in Portuguese and will be implemented in articulation with Copernicus Relays and Academia. This action is expected to serve as a basis for Actions in coming years.

The action includes the following activities:

  1. Organize 3 workshops to promote the uses of Copernicus within the GIS users community at a national scale;
  2. Identification of: (i) actual and potential Copernicus users; (ii) existing skills and resources; and (iii) existing needs;
  3. Two training courses on land monitoring Copernicus service products, spatial analysis within GIS and remote sensing.

Outputs and Results

The main outputs are: (i) three regional workshops for public administration and other users; (ii) coordinated user groups databases for future web site development and training needs inventory; (iii) PT training materials for land monitoring Copernicus service training programme.