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Piloting of a Prototype for a Cloud-based Tool for Near Real Time Assessment of Economic Damages Caused by Floods and Droughts in Germany Using Satellite-based Earth Observation

Point of contact
Fabian Löw
Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance
Provinzialstraße 93
53127 Bonn
Phone: +49-228-995502505

The action aims at developing and delivering a cloud based prototype tool that will enable a nationwide, permanent and regular mapping of selected natural hazards and economic damage assessment in Germany. The system shall be based on open data from Copernicus and other relevant national data sources. Due to the economic damage floods and droughts cause in Germany, the action aims at assessing the economic damage caused by these types of hazards.

The core functionality of this tool will be estimating economic damages in agriculture and critical infrastructures, caused by the detected hazard. The tool will make use of suitable and existing hazard mapping tools and projects. The prototype tool shall regularly deliver localized information as digital layers (e.g. Web Mapping Services, WMS) about flood and/or drought delineation and grading, as well as estimates of economic damage. The action will also include the development of algorithms to calculate economic damages caused by flood and/or drought events by economic sector (i.e. agriculture, housing, industry, commercial, critical infrastructure) with a special focus on agriculture and critical infrastructure. This data should potentially inform the monitoring of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR) and especially the Sendai Framework indicators C2 to C5 (economic losses) and where possible contribute to indicator D1 to D4 (affected critical infrastructure).

The action will directly benefit the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) and in particular the Joint Information and Situation Centre of the Federal Government and the Federal States (GMLZ). The identification and mapping of hazards provide essential baseline information for the GMLZ and aids the provision of comprehensive situation analyses and assessment to the Federal States, Federal Ministries, the Federal Agency for Technical Relief and other relief organisations. In addition, the action will support the German National Focal Point (NFP) for the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR), situated at the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance. The NFP is tasked to oversee the implementation of the SFDRR and the monitoring of its progress, especially the monitoring of SFDRR indicators covering economic damages of disasters. The action will also target national and local authorities engaged in the implementation of other international and national frameworks in the context of climate change adaptation and sustainable development.

Outputs and Results

  • Comprehensive concept of the prototype tool that includes detailed description of data processing and analysis chains to deliver information on flood and/or drought delineation and the assessment of economic damage on critical infrastructure and agriculture
  • Description of the requirements for the processing environment
  • Protoype tool, in terms of codes and algorithms, covering near-real time delineation of flood and/or drought in Germany, processes to estimate damage grading of detected flood and/or drought events, as well as damage functions to calculate economic losses in several economic sectors
  • Comprehensive report and description of data processing and analysis chains; summary report of the requirements and user demand analysis
  • Results will be made available to interested users via workshops and other types of knowledge sharing methods
  • Results could also build an opportunity for an operational future use of the prototype at the Joint Information and Situation Center of the Federal Government and the Federal States (GMLZ); they may also inform the national monitoring process of the Sendai framework for disaster risk reduction, but there are also business opportunities for the insurance sector