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Participation in Cross-Border Events

Point of contact
Dimitra Tsoutsou
PRAXI Network / Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas
8 Kolokotroni Str.
10561 Athens
Phone: +30-210-3607690

NOA will participate in GEO-related events in the region of the Balkans, Middle East and North Africa. PRAXI will form a group of companies from those that have received innovation support under actions of Tier 3 from Greek partners in order to participate in matchmaking events in other countries and meet with potential business partners.

NOA is coordinating the Geo-Cradle project, which has prepared actions for the uptake of Copernicus in the regions of the Balkans, North Africa and Middle East. NOA is willing to exploit its connections to these regions and to coordinate the organization of such events described above. GEO-CRADLE experience highlights that there is great potential in EO products and services, relating to the thematic areas of Energy, Natural Disasters and Security for food and border control. These have been defined as regional common needs and have received high priority in the regional EO integration roadmap.

These could include two main lines of activities:

  1. Participation in GEO related events. NOA holds the Greek GEO office and can work on maximizing the impact of such participation. Through GEO-Cradle, NOA will participate in the annual GEO Plenary.
  2. Participate in other relevant EO events that are focusing either on GEO and EC initiatives such as EuroGEOSS, NextGEOSS and Copernicus related events.

As a member of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), PRAXI has the opportunity to accompany companies interested to engage in uptake activities to participate in at least 1 selected matchmaking events organised by EEN members from other countries or third parties across Europe and abroad. These group of companies will be the companies receiving innovation support under the relevant action of PRAXI in Tier 3 and also other companies interested in the uptake of Copernicus related services. The selection of the matchmaking event will be based on the identification of the needs and competences of the participating companies under relevant action of Tier 1.

Thus, the participating companies will have the opportunity to meet over a short period of time with prospective business partners to complement for instance a lack of capacity in some stage of product development or to investigate future licensing or distribution agreements of their products and services.

Outputs and Results

  • Participation in matchmaking event of PRAXI and a team of businesses interested in future uptake
  • Participation in GEO Plenary
  • Participation in 1 relevant EO event