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Online info-day organised by National Observatory of Athens and PRAXI Network

Agenda of the event (in Greek), © NOA/PRAXI

Example of thematic presentation (in Greek), © NOA/PRAXI

The contribution of Copernicus Programme to the development of services for the environment and citizens

On 8th of October 2020, the first online info-day on Copernicus data and services took place in Greece. More than 230 participants joined the info-day, coming from research organisations, universities, ministries, local and regional government as well as the industry sector.

The info-day was mainly dedicated to thematic presentations from Greek institutions using successfully the data and services of Copernicus. Specifically, the thematic areas covered were:

  • Management of natural disasters (floods and fires)
  • Energy
  • Food security

All thematic speakers came from the National Observatory of Athens, as well as public institutions such as the Hellenic Fire Service, the Ministry of Environment and Energy and the Public Power Corporation. The final part of the info-day was dedicated to presentations from startups/SMEs showcasing their successful stories from developing new products and services using Copernicus data.

During the info-day, the objective and aims of FPCUP were presented by PRAXI Network, as well as the next activities organised by the FPCUP Greek partners, so that the participants could already express their interest in joining.

Summary of the event:

  • Increased participation from stakeholders active in the management of natural disasters which are not particularly involved in Earth Observation
  • Greek organisations dealing with civil protection and management of crises are looking for new technologies and services that can help them with their work
  • This event has presented the capabilities of Copernicus while the next more specialized info-days (planned in 2021) will generate more concrete conclusions on the different areas of activity (natural disasters, energy, food security, etc.)