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National Relay-Academy support in Ireland

Aim: Development of Relay-Academy Activities in Ireland with an emphasis on helping enable EO innovation with Industry service providers and forming stronger EU linkages with fellow EU Member States (MS).

This will be achieved through a series of objectives:

  • Further develop a national EO/Copernicus Web portal to include easy data/service discovery tool, directory of EO/Copernicus experts/services, recent end-use cases show-casing how Copernicus is used in IE, events section, opportunities (funding/tender) section
  • Promotion of national, regional and EU wide EO data platforms (including DIAS)
  • Merge Relay/Academy Services into one organisational structure in IE
  • Strengthen the newly formed national EO/Copernicus Coordinating Committee
  • Hold a series of Mini-workshops focused on themes/sectors e.g. Public Sector, Emergency Management, Maritime/Coastal Monitoring
  • Actively form linkages with other EU Relays/Academies and relevant EU Agencies
  • Support business activity with existing EO companies (EO coaching sessions) and new Startups

Support of the following activities:

  • Refinement and development of content on National EO/Copernicus Web-portal (directory of specialists, service providers, end-use cases, events, Copernicus Services & Data etc.) to be Sub-contracted to external 3rd Party
  • Host 5 X national-level themed workshops (Land, Marine, Climate, Emergency Service)
  • Carry out survey of EO/Copernicus data/services/technologies requirements from IE across Land, Emergency, Marine, Critical Infrastructure & Climate Change
  • Development of a national EO/Copernicus Coordinating Committee
  • Review of academic/training needs in 3rd level institutions including CPD courses
  • Active engagement with Industry and public sector
  • Networking with other EU Relays/Academies
  • Draft a ledger or list of EO specialists & service providers

Outputs and Results

  • Active, popular, well-used EO/Copernicus Web-Portal (National, Regional and EU including DIAS)
  • Improved uptake/participation/development in EO/Copernicus data, services & applications across IE
  • Better understanding of the EO data & information needs of IE based EO stakeholders
  • Greater participation/contribution of IE agencies/companies in EU EO/Copernicus related activities
  • More regional focused EO/Copernicus developments based on IE needs e.g. North Atlantic, marine, flooding, grassland etc.
  • Initial linkages with other EU MS with shared EO-interests e.g. North Atlantic region, Sentinel-1 for flood/storm damage assessment, role of drones in wider EO.