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Matchmaking event for connecting the innovative businesses and start-ups in Greece to investors

In order to support innovative businesses and start-ups to investors, PRAXI will organize and animate one brokerage event, which will aim to connect the users or investors with the innovators of the activity 2018-03-08. The event is probably taking place in Athens and will be in parallel to the “Venture Capital Forum”. The brokerage event has been traditionally organized by PRAXI in the past. This year, the event will focus on the Copernicus. PRAXI will inform the participating investors about the prospects of this emerging market. The event will give the opportunity to the accelerated companies to meet investors.

In case of no availability for the “Venture Capital Forum”, PRAXI will alternatively seek to connect the companies with the investor’s eco-system in Greece including banks, venture capitalists, private investors etc. PRAXI has already established connection with these players.

Outputs and Results

Participation of 8 accelerated companies in a matchmaking event to meet with investors.