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Let's Teach Copernicus in the Schools in Czech Republic and Slovakia

Teachers in the primary and secondary schools are one of the most important persons in the awareness of technologies and science disciplines. EO and geoinformatics are very perspectives disciplines, it is necessary to support education of EO and transfer it into the traditional subjects/courses, e.g. geography, physics…This project will provide a comprehensive range of resources and supports to help teachers to integrate Copernicus data and services as a theme in classroom.

There will be organized two workshops throughout the year for teachers at both primary and post primary and to create tutorials dealing with EO/Copernicus in Czech and Slovak language. Existing study programs/curriculums will be analyzed together with teachers/organizations in charge and the way how Earth Observation/Copernicus products and services can contribute education in geography, physics, biology, mathematics will be assessed. The important goal is a development of new tutorials based on Copernicus data, open source SWs and big data tools, e.g. Copernicus DIAS as well as the tailoring and translation of the already existing tutorials and use cases to national and regional applications and the adaptation to the local languages (Czech and Slovak)

The main aims are the following:

  • To promote and implement the ideas of Copernicus in primary and post primary (secondary) education
  • To identify places in the existing curriculums where EO technologies and data are mentioned.
  • In cooperation with teachers to find gaps in curriculums where would be possible and useful  to be implemented EO with focus on Copernicus products and services
  • To create training/education materials bringing EO/Copernicus data and services into in primary and post primary (secondary) schools
  • To organize two workshops (5-day summer school and  1-day spring workshop) to be presented, teach and discussed EO/Copernicus products into teaching in primary and secondary schools in Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • To present and develop ideas of Copernicus Academy

The project will be coordinated by the Charles University with cooperation with the National Secretariat of GEO/Copernicus in the Czech Republic (NSGC), ESA ESERO Office, ESA BIC Prague, Ministry of Education and the representatives of the Czech universities and schools. The project will be in cooperation with Copernicus Academy.

Outputs and Results

  • Set of use case and tutorial materials in local languages on
    • Working with Sentinel data
    • Working with Copernicus service products (Land monitoring and Climate Change services, Copernicus DIAS)
  • A broader awareness about Copernicus services and data in the primary education in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • A report about current situation of the using the EO in curriculums
  • A concept for the implementation of the Copernicus data and services in education
  • 2x workshops (5 and 1 days) and workshop reports
  • Promotion and realization of Copernicus Academy ideas and concepts