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Interactive Map of the Copernicus Success Stories: A Case Study of Czech Republic

Marketing and promotion activities are very important as well as real cooperation is needed between institutions for a purpose of awareness of Earth observation data and technologies. Very important is a success story - the effect of a snowball. The local success stories are very needed to promote, but not from other countries or showing the applications that are not relevant for the local stakeholders. An interactive map (web map service) is able to present and localize the success stories of application of Copernicus in the local and region level in the Czech Republic. Moreover it has a community effect to facilitate better cooperation between universities and private companies in the field of transfer innovation and research.

The main objective will be a creation and maintenance of an interactive map of the success stories/pilot project of the Copernicus data implementation and to create a community to be able to create and share case studies of Copernicus/EO based on interactive maps. The interactive map will be tested for the Czech Republic territory. The success stories will be compiled presented in the web sites of the National secretariat of GEO/Copernicus in the Czech Republic ( and in a new created websites of the Copernicus Academy of the Czech Republic. All final results of image analysis will be annotated and commented by experts/authors

The main outcome will be an interactive map based on ESRI ArcGIS Online platform. The platform will be opened for the producer and users of EO data/Copernicus data and service under coordination of the Charles University experts. The interactive map will be provided on a community platform and a tool for presentation of the success stories. It will be a platform for exchange good practices and research outcomes for increasing Copernicus uptake.

Outputs and Results

  • A living interactive map presenting the success stories of application of Copernicus data
  • A community of academic, state and private institutions developing this platform
  • More than 30 case studies presented in the web map