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Information events & awareness campaign in Greece & help desk

This action aims to raise awareness in Greece and inform the relevant players about the Copernicus EU Programme. The action aims to reach all the potential Greek recipients (intermediate or end users) of Copernicus. It aims particularly to demonstrate the emerging opportunities from using Copernicus to new groups of people, previously not aware of it but potentially very interested.

A central national information day will be organized in Athens. Suitable speakers from GSRT, NOA, PRAXI and other Greek relevant scientists or entrepreneurs or users will give presentations. PRAXI will be the main partner for organizing the event. NOA will also contribute and collaborate to this activity as speakers and strategic partners for the design and execution of the events. The invitations for these events will address the whole Greek community of EO from public, private and academia, already engaged or new in the EO market, coming from many different application areas. Special care will be paid to invite participants from public authorities and Local and Regional Authorities (LRAs) because they are expected to boost the demand for EO applications and services in the future. Special care will be paid to participants from new sectors, not previously aware of Copernicus, for example (and not limited to) the authorities and companies from the agro-food sector.

The event will be broadcast in order to serve interested persons from other Greek regions as well. Since Athens is the governmental center of the country, great importance will be given to attract the majority of the public authorities. General issues about Copernicus will be presented in the plenary sessions while the different groups, from all the application domains, will be informed about the 6 current thematic services offered by Copernicus during the event by NOA.

A special session will be offered additionally to the public authorities’ representatives. In this session, the participants will learn, in practical level, the value and the opportunities offered by Copernicus towards public services. A national networking session will be offered in the end of the info-day with the aim to bring together the potential end-users with the developers of applications and services. Feedback from all the participants will be requested describing their needs and interests in Copernicus. This information will be used in the database of the project.

PRAXI will seek connection to relevant multipliers in order to join forces with them in the national awareness campaign for promoting the uptake of Copernicus. Governmental services, associations of companies, technology parks, the EC delegation in Greece, EU networks (such as the Enterprise Europe Network, the Copernicus Relays and Copernicus Academy etc.), clusters, the mass media and other stakeholders will be invited and involved. Communication to the media in order to promote relevant news, articles, interviews and events will also be undertaken. Collaboration with the media is expected to give the necessary visibility of Copernicus to the Greek audience.

During the information event and the awareness campaign, effort will be paid to disseminate communication material, spreading news and articles, communicating with national or regional channels of communication etc. PRAXI and NOA will produce or use articles, news and interviews produced through established communication channels. These items will be disseminated to the recipients of information in national level.

PRAXI will operate a help-desk. Contact information will be published on the central website of FPCUP and possibly in the communication material. A suitable person from PRAXI will be the initial contact point to give information, to answer the questions posed and to provide support for the next steps of engagement with Copernicus.

Outputs and Results

1 information event with:

News, articles to the media about Copernicus.

A help-desk will be created and operated.