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Information Events, Awareness Campaign in Greece, Help Desk & Mapping

Point of contact
Dimitra Tsoutsou
PRAXI Network / Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas
8 Kolokotroni Str.
10561 Athens
Phone: +30-210-3607690

This action aims to raise awareness in Greece and inform the relevant players about the Copernicus EU Programme. It aims particularly to demonstrate the emerging opportunities from using Copernicus to new groups of people, previously not aware of it but potentially very interested. A mapping exercise will be performed to attract new potential users of Copernicus data and services.

The main goal of the action is to build on the awareness raising event that took place in Athens and reach two more regions. As the Public/local Authorities have a very local/regional character, it is critical to organise information events in large cities outside of Athens, so as to attract Public Authorities to join and get informed of relevant Copernicus services. PRAXI will be the main partner for organising the information events. NOA will also contribute and collaborate to this activity with speakers as well as partners for the designing and execution of the events. Thessaloniki, the second largest city of Greece will be the place for one of the events organised. The local innovation ecosystem is very strong in Thessaloniki, with several Universities and research institutions that are very active in participating in EU research and innovation projects. Special care will be paid to invite participants from public authorities and Local and Regional Authorities (LRAs) because they are expected to boost the demand for EO applications and services in the future. The second information day will take place either in Patras (Region of Western Greece) or Heraklion (Region of Crete). This event will follow the structure of the event in Thessaloniki with special focus to the local and regional actors of the selected region. In this event a workshop will be offered to the public authorities and services of the region, related to the thematic services of Copernicus, depending on the needs of the selected region. For instance, the region of Western Greece has seen the emergence of large fires in the past decade while the region of Crete that of catastrophic floods and would potentially be interested in relevant Copernicus services. PRAXI will use the technical expertise of NOA in order to pre-assess the areas of interest and take the decision to select the suitable workshop theme. NOA will deliver the workshop.

Under this activity, PRAXI and NOA will also request to participate at the national summit of the LRAs in order to organise a session about the use of Copernicus data and related services in covering local and regional needs. In case PRAXI and NOA participation is accepted, only one of the open information events described above will take place, namely in Thessaloniki.

PRAXI Network will continue to operate the Copernicus Help-desk. A suitable person from PRAXI will be the initial contact point to give information, to answer the questions posed and to provide support for the next steps of engagement with Copernicus. It is important to continue updating the database of relevant Greek stakeholders with new potential users and developers of Copernicus data and services in accordance with the GDPR directive. This action is also aiming to continue mapping the Greek potential users and developers of Copernicus.

 Outputs and Results

  • 1 information event with at least 50 participants and participation at the national LRAs meeting or 2 information events with 50 participants each.
  • A mapping list with 100 potential users and developers of the Copernicus data & services in addition to the 200 potential users identified and reached under WP2018
  • Continuation of Helpdesk operation