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Industry promotion and development, Spain

CDTI, as Spanish representative to ESA, EUMETSAT and Copernicus EU program, is well aware of all the European initiatives to develop new infrastructures, as well as new products and data distribution concepts and acts as a bridge by organizing a workshop with the Spanish industry to promote its involvement. Moreover, by its coordination with the different stakeholders and users is well aware of their needs and fosters the coordination between them and industry in order to develop enhanced products. Therefore, this activity will focus on the private and commercial sector (from large companies to SMEs and startups) by exploiting the maximum synergies with other stakeholders (public entities, research centres, …). SME and start-up support will be coordinated other national and region institutions (incubators, innovation agents, business public sponsors, etc).

Outputs and Results

To complete this action, an industrial workshop will take place once a year at CDTI premises. In addition, there will be two meetings per year with the two Spanish ESA business incubator responsible entities (Fundación para el Conocimiento Madri+D, Barcelona Activa SAU SPM) in order to support SME and start-ups.