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Industrial Workshop on the Climate and Atmosphere Services

Point of contact
Mónica López
C/Cid, 4
28001 Madrid
Phone: +34 91 581 04 91

The Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring (CAMS) and Climate Change Services (C3S) provide continuous data and information on atmospheric composition and climate information covering a wide range of components of the Earth-system and timescales. User workshops related to these two services are an opportunity to learn from the experience of existing users of the Atmosphere Monitoring Service and to hear how they apply these data to their work. Also these workshops can increase the opportunities of the industrial sector, since the different SMEs and new companies develop their proposals based on these two services.

CDTI is a key actor for the Spanish industrial sectors that will certainly benefit from the applications develop by these Copernicus services such as: energy, transport, fishery, etc. Other members of the Spanish administration will be contacted to help us for the outreach and dissemination.

We intend to reach as many users as possible from the private sector so no selection will be done a priori.

The workshop will focus on the industrial opportunities for the atmospheric and climate sector and it will include:

  • A general Copernicus Programme Introduction
  • User needs revision
  • Industrial opportunities (including a DIAS description)

Additionally, Spanish entrepreneurs and representatives from the private sector will share their views on how using CAMS products and services can contribute to Climate mitigation activities, by means of technical sessions and round tables with the private sector, research centers and universities and public administration as final users.

Outputs and Results

  • Workshop on the climate and atmosphere opportunities and applications for the private sector
  • Presentations
  • Minutes of meeting and conclusions
  • Survey on user requirements and needs
  • Identification of main stakeholders in the private sector and national experts on Copernicus Atmosphere and Climate Services
  • Article at CDTI web page