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Identification, Promotion and Implementation of Copernicus Products, Applications and Services for Aquaculture Stakeholders

Point of contact
Andrea Taramelli
Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale
Via Vitaliano Brancati, 48
144 Roma
Phone: +39-6-50074635

The objective is to identify Copernicus data and services for aquaculture sector and to build an active dialogue between aquaculture stakeholders and solution providers. The action will increase the awareness on EO tools and Copernicus products, applications and services among aquaculture stakeholders. Public sector and LRA will benefit from the results within the implementation of national and EU policies (e.g. WFD, MSFD, MSP) as well as the aquaculture industry to improve sustainability and competitiveness under the Blue Growth strategy.

Cross-sectorial national information events (e.g. workshops) bringing together potential users and solution providers will be organized by ISPRA to communicate the potential of Copernicus applications in respect to environmental monitoring and spatial planning for aquaculture sector, taking advantage of the experience gained during the CADEAU project (CMEMS Demonstration Coastal – MEDSEA 32-DEM2-L5). Preliminary on-line surveys to identify specific needs and constraints will be performed to reach a wider network of aquaculture stakeholders. These activities will be carried out involving members of the national aquaculture platform ITAQUA (MiPAAF decree n. 8004, 05.07.17), producers' associations, the EATiP network of Mirror Aquaculture Platforms (MiPs) and other international organizations. Bilateral meetings between ISPRA and other national and international stakeholders (research institutes, environmental agencies, local and regional authorities, space and digital companies) will be further carried out to acquire additional knowledge on available EO tools and applications for the aquaculture sector. Priorities and needs come out from the consultations will be useful for future implementation of downstream products to improve aquaculture sustainability (e.g. environmental impact monitoring, risk prediction, marine spatial planning).

The comprehensive action will be implemented by ISPRA supported by the external consultation of MiPs network.

Outputs and Results

  • National workshop on Copernicus applications to aquaculture sector which is targeted to over 50 different stakeholders coming from research organisations, aquaculture industry, EO industry, UWWTP managers, producer associations, national system for environmental protection, central administration and other public bodies; experts from international organization (e.g. FAO) and/or foreign research institute will be selected
  • Before the workshop, an online consultation will be launched to get information about challenges and priority for aquaculture sector and EO products to be implemented for supporting aquaculture spatial planning and environmental monitoring; preparation meetings will be target to fish and shellfish producers associations and aquaculture companies
  • A technical report of available EO tools and Copernicus products, applications and services for Mediterranean aquaculture and needs for future implementations will be released at the end of the action