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Greek training activities at NOA

The organization of training activities delivered to a wide range of recipients. The aim is to increase the knowledge and the capacity of the participants for the Copernicus and to foster lifelong education on leading-edge technologies on EO.

These activities will include:

  • Five training visits to NOA infrastructure. Provide to the participants an advanced technical training for the use of Copernicus. This will be based on their needs supported by NOA’s team in the Center that will include but not limited to: i) hands-on training on the use of the Copernicus Collaborative Ground Segment for the generation of EO-based products using open-source software; ii) field visits to ground infrastructure at NOA related to Copernicus will take place; iii) showing a direct link and vision for typical day of a EO scientist (e.g. Antennas, Storing, pre-processing, value chains etc.).
  • One training course (1-day duration) for Earth Observation to secondary school students. The training will take place at the premises of the school.
  • One training course (2-days duration) aiming at companies, researchers and the Copernicus Academy network. In this training the participants will learn how to use the data and services offered by Copernicus and the emerging market opportunities. This action will take place at the premises of NOA either at the premises of the related companies or research institutes, etc.

In case of a new Copernicus service or new knowledge acquired, an additional training session will be offered to its relevant recipients.


Outputs and Results

This activity will produce reusable training material, targeting different communities (high-school students, graduate and post-graduate students, professionals) keen on lifelong education.