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Downstream Applications for Economic Growth

Point of contact
Felipe Fernández
Fundación Instituto de Hidráulica Ambiental de Cantabria
C/ Isabel Torres nº 15 Parque Científico y Tecnológico
39011 Santander
Phone: +34 942201616

Figure 1: Visualization tool of the ApliCop network

The main aim of the Economic Growth initiative is to promote the sustainable development of the different communities through the establishment of an Innovation Ecosystem for economic growth. This objective will be achieved through the following specific objectives:

  • Identify the needs of the economic sector that might be influenced by environmental conditions.
  • Foster research and knowledge transfer in line with Copernicus Data Services to build new innovative solutions.
  • Promote participation of the IT sector, SMEs and start-ups, through the development of innovative downstream services that tackle the needs of the economic sector.

The main work carried out in this action is the creation of the Spanish network for Copernicus Services called ApliCop. The ApliCop network comprises the quadruple helix of knowledge, science-technology-business-administration and provides a clear view of all the actors involved in the Copernicus ecosystem in Spain.

The ApliCop website has been designed and developed which provides the main communication channel about the Copernicus ecosystem in Spain. The ApliCop website provides four main sections: (1) “What’s ApliCop” section describes the project and its aims, (2) the “Copernicus” section describes de Copernicus programme, (3) the “events” section provides a complete list of future and past events related with the Copernicus programme in Spain, (4) the “take part” section provides a visualisation tool (see Figure 1 and here) about the Spanish actors and solutions related with the Copernicus programme. In addition, the “take part” section provides several forms to be able to join the ApliCop network and include new downstream solutions that make use of the Copernicus products.

Outputs and Results

  • New downstream apps that answer the needs of the economic sector
  • A dedicated Portal for networking, identification of needs, experts, etc.
  • Identification of obstacles, gaps and potential improvement of the Copernicus Programme
  • The network for economic growth (members from research institutions, SMEs and government)