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Downstream applications for Economic Growth

The main aim of the Economic Growth initiative is to promote the sustainable development of the different communities through the establishment of an Innovation Ecosystem for economic growth. This objective will be achieved through the following specific objectives:

  • Identify the needs of the economic sector that might be influenced by environmental conditions.
  • Foster research and knowledge transfer in line with Copernicus Data Services to build new innovative solutions.
  • Promote participation of the IT sector, SMEs and start-ups, through the development of innovative downstream services that tackle the needs of the economic sector.

The quadruple helix of knowledge, science-technology-business-administration, will be key to establish the Copernicus network for economic growth. As a first stage, activities will be focused on four key aspects:

  1. Environment. Copernicus services will allow obtaining better analysis (hindcast, nowcast and forecast) for environmental management.
  2. Tourism. Copernicus services provide innumerable opportunities to build smart solutions for tourism (ecotourism, nautical sports, winter sports, etc.).
  3. Economy. The development of new smart solutions that, making use of the Copernicus Services, boost the economy at regional communities.
  4. Natural risks. Copernicus provides services that can be downstreamed into smart solutions focused on for example coastal mitigation or/and adaptation to increase resilience at different levels (individual, community, region, national, and global). The Economic Growth initiative will facilitate the creation of new and innovative applications to reduce and mitigate the affection of natural risks (climate change, flooding, etc.)  

Networking meetings (presential and online) will be organized to identify needs, promote research and knowledge transfer, and foster participation for the IT sector, SMEs and start-ups. IHC together with research centres, SMEs and startups will design and create downstream applications: environment, tourism, economy and natural risk solutions.

  • IHC will organize networking meetings (face-to-face and online). Other Spanish Consortium participants will be invited to participate.
  • IHC will work closely with SMEs and start-ups in order to guide them in the process to implement scientific products (Copernicus services, downscaling products, methodologies, etc.)
  • The Cantabrian Regional Government (« Dirección General de Innovación, Desarrollo Tecnológico y Emprendimiento Industrial ») will contribute interacting with local SMEs and start-ups.

Outputs and Results

  • New downstream apps that answer the needs of the economic sector.
  • A dedicated Portal for networking, identification of needs, experts, etc.
  • Identification of obstacles, gaps and potential improvement of the Copernicus Programme.

The network for economic growth (members from research institutions, SMEs and government).