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DIAS: Priming

Point of contact
Frédéric Adragna
Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales
18, avenue Edoaurd BELIN
31400 Toulouse
Phone: +33-6-07716915

DIAS have been in service for a while now. However, companies are still questioning the appropriateness of choosing these platforms over other hosting solutions or American solutions (GAFAM), which offer services of proven quality. For a private company, economic reality comes before European sensitivities.

The overall goal of this action is to help companies migrating their applications to the DIAS and developing their solutions.

PEPS is the French National Sentinel (S1, S2 and S3) products distribution platform (implemented and operated by CNES) before the arrival of the DIAS.

PEPS offers the possibility to test a service or a processing chain, as close as possible to the storage archive, by using the CNES computing cluster. The features that are offered are:

  • Quick and direct access to the entire archive of Sentinels 1, 2, 3
  • Access to data as soon as they are made available by ESA
  • Provision of high computing power: high-performance computing cluster (HPC), 8000 cores
  • Treatment-based hosting infrastructure based on the WPS standard, open to the docker technology and offering an orchestrator to parallelize and distribute the treatments on the resources
  • Supervision and technical support - thematic and/or computer

PEPS platform allows companies to develop and test their processing chains, but does not intend to offer an operational (commercial) service.

Thus, the main objective of this action is to identify companies that have innovative services, and facilitate and accompany the migration of their pre-operational applications to the DIAS.

Outputs and Results

  • Identification companies that have developed new innovative application(s), and support of 4 of them with the migration of their applications to a DIAS