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Development of Downstream Applications Supporting Sectoral Information System under Copernicus Climate Change Service

Point of contact
Katarzyna Dąbrowska Zielińska
Institute of Geodesy and Cartography
Modzelewskiego 27
02-679 Warsaw
Phone: +48-22-3291974

This action aims at delivering additional proof-of-concept and further services for Sectoral Information System, which would enrich the service and products portfolio offered by the Copernicus Climate Change Service.

The Copernicus Climate Change Service which aims to provide information that will help societal and business sectors improve decision-making and planning regarding climate mitigation and adaptation, is currently running 7 proof of concepts projects, in the areas of: water sector, energy, insurance, agriculture as well as infrastructure and health sectors.

The proposed activity aims at delivering 3 additional pilot activities in three European countries, which would provide the proof of concept for following emerging problems: land degradation (Greece), pest monitoring (Italy) and land use change (Poland).

If the models and methods developed by the consortium partners prove to be accurate and operational, they could feed the Copernicus Climate Change Service and contribute for the wide spectrum of Users.

Three pilot activities, aspiring to deliver the proof of concept in Greece, Italy and Poland are planned to be performed, and subsequently the delivered methodology will be shared amongst the partners and tested, where applicable. If proven to be accurate and assessed as applicable by the users, the developed methodologies will be proposed for the European Commission to include them to the Copernicus Climate Change Service.

Outputs and Results

  •  Three new downstream applications supporting Sectoral Information System under Copernicus Climate Change Service technical notes on the service architecture, to be potentially implemented into Copernicus Climate Change Service plans for further implementation of the Services into Pilot Users current activities