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Development and dissemination of the SPASSO software

The creation of a first official version of the SPASSO Software (Software Package for an Adaptive Satellite-based Sampling for Ocean campaigns) based on the Copernicus data uptake, will facilitate the use of the software and the exploitation of the data by the Copernicus Academy network and more broadly via internet thanks to the dedicated webpage:

SPASSO is a software developed by a research team in Marseille to help in the characterization of mesoscale oceanic structures such as fronts, eddies and filaments, which may have important role not only for research subject (such as ocean kinetic and heat budgets) but also for various applications (transport of pollution, living resources,..). The software makes important use of Copernicus products in particular those provided by the CMEMS (satellite altimetry, SST, chlorophyll) in near real-time so as to support organization of oceanographic campaign. This action aims at consolidating the software so that it can be more easily shared with other groups, which have less expertise in satellite products (mainly academic groups) and by this way increase Copernicus products uptake.

The action will consist of the preparation of a first official version of the SPASSO package, more specifically 1) to fine-tune the present code by translating all the programs to Python language, 2) to prepare a demo which can be used in workshops for training, and 3) to update the users guide of the software and dedicated website.

Outputs and Results

This action will enable us to promote our software at the international level, especially in Europe, to improve our training outreach, and to further develop international collaborations around Copernicus data and services.