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Czech regional communication platforms

The objective is to organize a regional networking event-communication platform that provides a discussion forum for regional partners, local public authority representatives, representatives of the private sector and public, academia and mainly possible end users. The goal is to discuss opportunities that EO data offers and determine needs, use cases and ways of implementation.

A specific discussion communication platform will be set up addressing Czech regions

  • To discuss with end users including public authorities and private sector to support stronger implication of the commercial downstream sector
  • Ensuring that all users can easily access space data
  • Creating favourable conditions to foster innovative space application

The Czech Republic has 13 regions and in order to cover all of them during the three years’ programme, will be organised 4 communication platform per year.

Direct implementation by CzechInvest with support by Charles University and local network representatives from National Secretariat of GEO/Copernicus.

Outputs and Results 

Definition of possible use cases on Sentinel data in different area. For instance- use cased of sentinel data for smart cities, industry, agriculture etc.