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Czech EO Masters

Organize a Czech local version of the Copernicus Masters, a competition on Earth Observation data with the aim to select promising proposals for the use of Earth observation data in a variety of applications and fields of human activity and support the implementation of these ideas into a form usable in practical applications. The secondary objective is to support the transfer of technology projects into business entities offering innovative products – through competition and the downstream supporting infrastructure: business incubators, accelerators or other tools. The further aim is to disseminate awareness of the possibilities of using Earth observation, especially among pupils of elementary schools and secondary school students.

Technological competition for computer programmers and subject-experts to collaborate intensively and develop software applications exploiting Copernicus data. The participants can submit their proposal in three categories (EO applications, R&D in EO, and special challenge for elementary and high school students).

The proposal can be of different forms (project in advance stage of preparation or proof of concept).

Each of the category will run independently. The applicant for the competition will complete the application documentation and will be included in a category, which corresponds to the nature of the submitted competition.

This activity follows on EOVation hackathons and EOVation Masters organised by CzechInvest as a part of the Data Analytics Platform for Climate Resilience (DAP4CR) project.

Because we would like to put emphasize for the support of further education about the usage of EO data and therefore make use of the effort investment for the future uptake, we see as the greatest opportunity to broad the great focus on the high school student as the target group with the highest protentional for further support of the data usage.

Originally, we have expected to have 2 main categories 1) EO applications and 2) R&D in EO with expected 15 competing projects in total. From the 3) category -special challenge for the elementary and high school students was considered as subsidiary with expected 5 competing project.

But by comparing to the original proposal we would like to focus on the third category as the core category. Communication with this target group and creating specific challenges and actions for this age category will take significant amount of additional work which was not originally calculated with.

Because the main focus on the high school students, we expect to have 80 participants extra than it was presumed for the original proposal.

Outputs and Results

Output is business solution based on EO data, innovative products and applications with prospective incubation at ESA BIC.