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Cross-Border Cooperation on Application of EO Data for Insurance Sector

Point of contact
Katarzyna Dąbrowska Zielińska
Institute of Geodesy and Cartography
Modzelewskiego 27
02-679 Warsaw
Phone: +48-22-3291974

This action aims at increasing the awareness and applicability of Copernicus data by users in Ukraine, with special focus on insurance and agriculture sectors, which were identified as the most promising and at the same time pending the solutions by the Space Research Institute NASU-SSAU.

The action will also comprise of the testing of the solutions already developed by IGiK for Poland in the Ukrainian test sites as well as of the cooperation towards the development of a common methodology and system for satellite data processing and analyses for supporting the users from the insurance and agriculture sectors.

This action will be preceded by a common workshop, organized in Ukraine and lasting around 5 working days. It aims at assessing the current status of Copernicus data and services application in Ukraine, the most significant needs of the users as well as the requirements towards the services based on EO data which could be developed in order to meet these needs and finally to present both achievements – IGiK’s and NASU-SSAU in the area of EO data applications for various sectors, with the special focus on agriculture and insurance sector.

Moreover the user group will be established which will gather users interested in the Copernicus data and services implementation within their activities. The users will be invited to join the group within the whole activity implementation period. They will be delivered specific information materials as well as will be invited to consultation of the pilot activities and will be invited to the workshops. After the workshop, the requirements of users from agricultural and insurance sectors will be collected as well as the location of the test sites will be selected.

Further, the workshop with the users from agricultural and insurance sector will be organized in order to assess the alignment of the delivered solutions to their requirements as well as to develop the architecture of the service prototype which would be delivered to them for testing. The training sessions on EO analyses for their needs will be also organized.

Outputs and Results

  • Map of the current status of Copernicus data and services utility in Ukraine
  • User needs and requirements document, user group plan, plan for pilot activities
  • Report presenting the achievements of the pilot activities and the results (system for data processing and analyses), service prototype based on EO data targeted to agriculture and insurance sector use-cases specific for Agriculture and Insurance Sectors
  • Roadmaps for service implementation in selected organizations, series of workshops for users from various sectors