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Copernicus Uptake Amongst Regional Government Representatives by Engaging Students

Point of contact
Katarzyna Dąbrowska Zielińska
Institute of Geodesy and Cartography
Modzelewskiego 27
02-679 Warsaw
Phone: +48-22-3291974

The proposed action aims at increasing the application of Copernicus data based services among Regional Government by providing solution concepts together with the business model of their implementation by students.

The activity is designed to build the bridge between the Regional Government, which is considered to not sufficiently exploiting the satellite data in current activities as well as most prominent students of the regions. Therefore, the activity is also supporting the increase of interest of the universities in introducing the Earth Observation in their educational offer and thus motivates the increase of investments in this domain.

First (Edition 1), the Regional Specializations documents, which are specified by each Regional Government, will be analysed by IGiK and its partners, in order to set the list of challenges to which Copernicus data based services could deliver the solution.

Second (Edition 2), the hackathons will be organized in 4 universities, in cities located in various parts of Poland. The students will be working on solutions to the challenges identified in each region.

Outputs and Results

  • Reports and communication
  • Hackathons in different universities and in different regions of Poland
  • Challenges solutions summary

Those activities will results in increasing awareness of satellite data, engagement and building relationships between decision makers, local authority and students, promotion of the Copernicus program, creating new ideas, applications using satellite data.