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Copernicus Uptake Amongst Non-Space Industry by Engaging Startups and SMEs

Point of contact
Katarzyna Dąbrowska Zielińska
Institute of Geodesy and Cartography
Modzelewskiego 27
02-679 Warsaw
Phone: +48-22-3291974

The proposed action aims at increasing the application of Copernicus data based services among non-space industry by providing solution concepts together with the business model of their implementation by startups and SMEs. The activity is designed to build the bridge between the Service Recipients and Service Providers, with the significant focus on start-ups and SMEs, which are considered to be the most prominent actors of Space Sector. On the basis of this analysis, we will provide the catalogue of industry sectors among which the mapping of clients needs should be performed. The invitation to the consultation of their needs and requirements will be sent to these companies. Further, the questionnaire assessing their needs and requirements towards EO based solutions will be performed. Finally, five most promising and both technical and business viable solutions will be selected.

Secondly, the individual meetings with these companies will be organized by IGiK. Their needs and requirements will be thoroughly analyzed. Finally, the service which would answer to their needs will be preliminary defined. Next, the public tender targeted to SME and startups will be released by IGIK. The public call will request companies to propose the short description of the solution targeted to answer the industry needs.

In the end, the conference will be organized, which will aim at demonstrating the catalogue of Copernicus based services, identified sectors of industry and developed solutions.

During the first edition, five companies will be selected and five solutions will be delivered. In the second edition, the number of companies is planned to be increased to 8.

Outputs and Results

  • Complete catalogue of existing Copernicus data based applications with mapping for use in selected industry sectors in Poland
  • Preliminary service concepts responding to the identified needs of the industry representatives
  • Summary conference for the Service Recipients and Service Providers

Those activities will results in:

  • Increasing awareness of satellite data applicability,
  • Engagement and building relationships between startups and SMEs from space sector with non-space industry representatives
  • Promotion of the Copernicus program
  • Creating new ideas and applications using satellite data, which may be transferred into operating businesses.