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Copernicus SMEs – Atlantic Ocean Interactions

Copernicus is a global program that provides data all over the world in a sustainable and reliable way. Many companies, normally start-ups, have developed products focused on different value chains, especially in Europe. Nevertheless, in order to create business growth, these companies need to find new market opportunities and bigger customers. This action will support the internationalization of companies using Copernicus-based products. The target group of this action are companies, usually SMEs, which do not have the critical dimension necessary to go international. 4 groups of 10 EU companies will be selected aiming to help them adapt their product to the opportunities in the Atlantic region, and to support them in developing business and facilitating their interaction with 4 Atlantic coastal countries outside of EU (i.e. Brazil, Cape Verde, South Africa and Nigeria).

The opportunities to explore and exploit the Blue Economy in many of the Atlantic coastal countries depend on foreign investment and/or the capacitation of local entities. This action will also address this problem by linking EU companies with local authorities and providing training to all while focusing on solving local problems. Training and workshops will be organized in the 4 selected countries aiming to boost the local adoption of Copernicus Program and to develop awareness. These events will be organized in 4 different locations, 1 event of 1.5 days per location, aiming to bring together local stakeholders with representatives of the 10 selected companies and being supported by specialists from the Copernicus Support Office in the training sessions.

A call open to European companies will be launched in order to select 10 SMEs to participate in each of the events. Portugal Space will support the launch of the calls and the identification of the entities that will participate in each event. Portugal Space will engage the participation of an external international expert to form the evaluation board together with experts from the agency. In addition, other FPCUP international partners will be contacted to disseminate these calls amongst their ecosystems.

All communication support and other physical material will be issued in English, French and Portuguese in order to be eventually reused afterwards and shared with the Atlantic Interactions network. The language used by attendees during the events will be English.

Outputs and Results

  • Up to 40 European companies will benefit from each event of the Atlantic program
  • Business connection and partnership agreements between the European companies and Atlantic coastal countries
  • Organization of 4 Copernicus events and training in countries linked to the Atlantic Interactions Network
  • Event results report, with a detailed description of the implemented actions and partnerships established between European companies and foreign entities (1 per event)