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Copernicus SMEs – Asia

Point of contact
Frédéric Adragna
Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales
18, avenue Edoaurd BELIN
31400 Toulouse
Phone: +33-6-07716915

Copernicus is a global programme that provides data all over the world in a sustainable and reliable way. Many companies and especially start-ups have developed products in various value chains, especially in Europe.

Nevertheless, in order to create business growth, these companies need to find new market opportunities and bigger customers.

This Action proposes the organisation of an action to support the internationalization of companies having Copernicus-based products. These companies are usually small or medium sized and have not the critical dimension necessary to go international. This Action proposes to reach the objective to select 10 to 15 EU companies in this situation (that will be selected through a Call to Tender), to help them adapting their product to the Asian market, and to develop a soft landing process to support them in developing business in Asia.

The companies will get access to a complete methodology made of:

  • An initial diagnosis
  • The definition of an internationalisation roadmap
  • Access to business connection and local B2B
  • Support to travel
  • Legal support

In the meantime, trainings and workshops will be organized in the Asian zone to boost the local adoption of Copernicus programme and to develop awareness. 

This Action will take benefit of the existing agreements between the European Commission and Asia, to develop the activity.

CNES is aware about the importance of targeted group satisfaction. As a consequence, it will provide to each candidate by email with a survey containing short open questions with regard to their level of satisfaction.

The overall communication support and other physical/numerical materials will be issued in English in order to be eventually reused afterwards again.

Outputs and Results

  • 15 European companies will benefit from the Go Asia programme
  • Business connection and partnership agreements between EU and Asian companies
  • Organisation of 4 Copernicus events and trainings in Asia