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Copernicus promotion through Community Engagement (SCIENCE CAFÉ)

Raise awareness for the use of COPERNICUS and present an array of success stories that indicate a problem-solution course and the impact of the success on the resolved issue. This will be achieved through engaging the community (general public) with the scientists, promoting an informal dialogue and participation through attendees from various backgrounds and researchers.

CUT through ERATOSTHENES Research Centre, aims to design and deliver a series of informal meetings in the form of SCIENCE CAFÉ to promote community engagement. Through questions, actions and discussions with the public, researchers will present a successful case (story) which has resolved an important environmental or societal issue through the use of Copernicus data and services.

The meetings aim to bring closer the community and the researchers, and spread information about Copernicus in a different “language”, less scientific, more colloquial, and in a laid-back setting which can stimulate interesting discussions often leading to new research questions for scientists.

Outputs and Results

  • 6 Science Café Meetings in cities all over Cyprus per year
  • Presentation material