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Copernicus Awareness Raising Programme for Bulgaria - COPE4BG

The proposed Action is targeted to governmental, research and business institutions in Bulgaria as potential users of Copernicus data and services.

The main aim is to raise awareness and knowledge of research/academic community and governmental institutions on Copernicus/EO and its data, products, and services, to increase the participation/contribution of governmental agencies, research institutions (academia) and business in EU EO/Copernicus related activities. In addition to make a broader public awareness in Bulgaria about Copernicus services and data. These communities are not yet aware of the full range of benefits that Copernicus can provide for their sector.

The action will also

  • Develop demonstration use cases for national governmental/non-governmental or business entities;
  • Initiate a national EO/Copernicus Coordinating Committee;
  • Provide for networking opportunities with other Copernicus Relays/Academies.
  1. A two-day workshop for the potential COPERNICUS services users from academic, governmental and business institutions will be organized in Sofia, Bulgaria. The workshop will achieve the above objective by means of an attractive mixture of plenary presentations and networking events. The program of each session of the workshop will include:
    • Information on Copernicus and the dedicated Core Services;
    • The Copernicus Space Component;
    • Copernicus Evolution activities;
    • Future needs for data and services (inside and outside Copernicus);
    • Presentations by national governmental, academic, business and NGO entities;
    • Discussion on user needs within the domain (science, business and policy).
  2. Develop use-cases depending on the institutional interest and co-funding by Copernicus FPA.
  3. Network with other Copernicus Relays/Academies – 1 meeting with Romanian Space Agency representatives with a purpose of communication and information exchange of good practices.
  4. Monthly Copernicus Relays Newsletter containing the following topics:
    • Main theme: topic related to Copernicus in general, to its components or specific service;
    • Best practices: presentation of use cases in Bulgaria or international for the best practices in using Copernicus operationally;
    • Educational and financial resources for Copernicus: list of available resources to training to use Copernicus data or services, contests, challenges related to Copernicus or innovation; list of current financial resources - tenders, programmes related to Copernicus activities;
    • Event calendar to Copernicus related workshops, seminars, conferences.
  5. Increase the number of the users of the national portal - Maritime Information System for Black Sea- MIS-BS ( through conducting a  user  and stakeholder needs survey at national level, and an user workshop and training in Sofia to motivate user awareness and interest to the service


Outputs and Results

  • Monthly Copernicus Newsletter, prepared jointly by the Copernicus Relays with the support of Copernicus Academy
  • Use-cases for Bulgarian governmental/non-governmental and business entities;
  • A Workshop, organized collaboratively by the Ministry of Economy and other public bodies. Workshop proceeding;
  • 2 × Meeting minutes;
  • Presentations at scientific conferences, governmental forums, meetings, etc.;
  • Design of a National Copernicus Relays and Academy web-portal;
  • Dissemination through:
    • National Copernicus Relays and Academy web-page, social networks and other public media;
    • Provision of regular inputs to the official Copernicus EU Web-page, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tweeter, etc.;
  • Copernicus maritime MIS-BS portal user meeting and training in Sofia
  • Report on the Bulgarian MIS-BS portal service user needs and definition of portal data service improvements and enhancements